SMG can provide consulting services to assist you in any phase of planning, construction, or operation of your indoor sports facility, including the following:


1.  Market, demographic, and “sports demographic” studies to determine the viability of a proposed market or use or to determine the size and interior structure of your facility to maximize usage and revenue.


2.  Assistance in construction, including help in site selection; assistance in dealing with local authorities to obtain needed variances, special exceptions, zoning changes, permits, and licenses; aiding your architects and engineers in the design of the building to minimize costs and maximize usage and revenues; working with sports related interior contractors to obtain the best service and pricing in the purchase and installation of board systems, netting, stadium curtains, turf, hard court flooring, goals, scoreboards, and similar items; and working with your general contractor for the timely and correct construction and opening of your facility.


3.  Employee and on-site management training.


4.  Creation, installation, and usage of accounting and activity scheduling systems.


5.  Programming and marketing leagues, academies, events, and other usage.


6.  Preparation of your facility for sale.


Consulting work will generally be performed at a “per item” cost dependent upon the level and hours of services to be performed.